Ultrafiltration systems UFPRO for drinking water

Ultrafitration systems for drinking water are suitable for treatments where there is a problem with contamination of water with bacteria, viruses, parazites and turbidity.

Patented Multibore® capilar sistem (7 capilar in one tube) of filter modul is more efficient than one capilar sistems and it has greater stability and safety. It is designed to be maintained less and to have longer life expectancy. Because of more capilar sistem cleaning is more efficient and sistem can be used for greater flows or regeneration.

Caracteristics of ultrafiltration units (DHS):

Compact systems UFPRO are easy to mount, maintain and use in different cases, such as:

  • hospital
  • school
  • restaurant
  • smaller water system

UFPRO systems also reduce turbidity to less than 0,1 NTU undepended of inlet (raw water). Every sistem is designed separately based on desires of customer.

Mounted membrane ultrafiltration modules are factory tested and made by DIN ISO 9001 with additional international certificates of qualitiy: DVGW-KTW, CA-DHS, NSF 61, CCDC and are suitable for immediate usage.