About us

Company Producta d.o.o. with head office in Kamnik was founded in 1990 and is privately owned.

Company was founded in order to represent, design, manufacture, maintain and service technological equipment in the fields of drinking water, industrial and waste water management with emphasis on physico-chemical processes.

We successfully cooperate and  search for companies on Slovenian and foreign markets, which offer top-quality equipment in the field of water treatment and whose sales program includes filtration, desinfection, oxidation, chemicals and mixing.

Company operates mainly on the Slovenian market, but we are also present in countries of Croatia,Bosnia and Serbia.

Our goals are aimed at finding, assembling  and managing quality products for ensuring the proper quality of drinking water, as well as cost-effictive solutions.

Our business vision includes day-to-day upgrading of knowledge and monitoring of technology development, with which we present solutions and a lasting stanceon the market for the protection of natural resources , such as water.


Dušan Pirc

Mobile: + 386 (0)41 737 904
Email: dusan.p@producta.si


Bojana Pirc

Mobile: +386 (0)41 894 293
Email: bojana.p@producta.si


Primož Pirc

Mobile: +386 (0)31 501 887
Email: primoz.p@producta.si

Producta d.o.o.
Kovinarska cesta 14a
1241 Kamnik

Tel 1: +386 (01) 8311 044
Tel 2: +386 (01) 8312 927
Fax: +386 (01) 8311 044
Email: info@producta.si

Identity card
VAT number: SI33597120
IBAN.: SI56 02304-0019842818
Registration number.: 5395178
Initial capital: 29.569,00 EUR
Entry in the court register nr.: 1/07552/00 dated 27.06.90 at District Court in Ljubljana