Ultrasonic transmitter for vessels

  • easy to install
  • low power consumption
  • reduces fuel consumption
  • reduces maintenance costs
  • improves sailing performance
  • safe (causes no harm to humans, animals or plants)
  • clean (reduces the need for eroding toxic enhanced paints)
  • enviroment friendly/minimal maintenance

Ultrasonic transmitter designed to prevent algae blooms and crustacean in the hull and boat propellers:

Multipurpose ultrasonic transmitter

  • ecological
  • easy to install
  • non-toxic (causes no harm to humans, animals or plants)
  • clean ( no need for chemical products)
  • low power consumption
  • minimal maintenance

Ultrasonic transmitter with selectable programs for removal of algae, pathogens and biofilm used in fishfarms, swimming pools, lakes, fountains…

Dosing algaecid means

Addaptable sistems for adding algaecid means used for prevention of algae blooms in fountains with aid of dosing devices.